About Internet Monetized


About Internet Monetized

About Internet Monetized

Hi everybody! 

I think this must be the dream of all those who are trying to earn money on the internet “on autopilot”! Just lean back and watch the money roll in! Am I right?

Well, those of us who have tried this know that it is – for the most part – just a dream. We have tried this and that and just about everything else, but still no REAL autopilot income. Just how can we get to that dream, make the Internet Monetized?

There are a few ways, and we will talk about them in the future. One that comes to mind, and we will sponsor this on the site, is to invest some money in someone else’s business, and let him (or her) do the work. Simple enough, right? I know of this one operation, called the Affordable Affiliates Network, that only requires that you put in some money – not much, US$ 100 minimum, US$ 500 maximum – and sit back and let them do the work. Since they provided the initial idea for this site, I’ll tell you more about them in later pages.

There are other ways that proclaim that they are 100% autopilot, but almost all of them require that you work for your income, or they just don’t produce any income. I will also tell you about my sad experience with another system that appeared to fill my requirements.

Anyway, that’s what we’re all about here. We hope it will be interesting for you – then you’ll come back often!


29 Окт 2012 , written by Администратор
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